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We specialize in both standard and customized hinged belt conveyors. We offer practical system designs and performance guaranteed solutions. We can tailor a metal chip processing conveyor or system to any end-user requirement.

With an industry-leading array of chip, coolant filtration and coolant management solutions for your machine tool, DMARK offers products that meet nearly any machining challenge. Our relationship with most major machine tool builders provides access to machine designs and an ability to quickly provide a tailored solution to fit your needs. DMARK offers products for both aftermarket replacements and upgrades of new equipment.With a broad range of solutions suitable for oils or emulsions and all types of materials and processes, we can meet the demand for even greater levels of coolant cleanliness through local filtration systems. Supporting single machine-tool or cellular-level operations, these designs meet increasing customer demands for outstanding coolant performance and exceptional final workpiece quality.