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1. Our chip conveyors are equipped with a slip clutch safety mechanism, which protects the conveyor from damage in the event that an over accumulation of particles or a foreign object blocks the proper movement of the conveyor belt.

2. Heavy duty drive motors power our chip conveyors. Motors used on our conveyors are equipped with overload protection.

3. Hinge plates and side wings on our chip conveyors are made from heavy-duty steel. These are the heaviest, most durable steels being used in the industry.

4. To facilitate access to the internal areas of the chip conveyors, our conveyors incorporate a removable cover plate in their design. Removal of the plate is easy, and maintenance to the cover’s interior can be conducted with minimal effort.

5. Chip conveyors are outfitted with an adjustable take-up mechanism. When required, conveyor belt tension can be easily adjusted without disassembling the conveyor.

6. Extra heavy-duty roller guides withstand the rigors of constant use and ensure nearly maintenance free operation.

7. Heavy-duty casters can be affixed to some chip conveyors. This can be a very helpful feature, especially when frequent movement of the chip conveyor is required.

8. Virtually any type of electrical control box can be wired to control the conveyor’s operation.

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